Overview of PEB

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Pre-engineered building (PEB) were introduced into the steel building industry to facilitate fast design, delivery and erection of simple low rise structure like canopies, ware houses etc. PEB can be constructed in much less than the normal time for other structure. PEB is a structure concept were while all the components of a building are designed, detailed and fabricated to suit the specific requirement of design and service ability yet very much standardized to facilitate ease in design, dateline, fabrication & erection. There would be no cutting or welding at site, the erector would only use spanners to connect the various elements together.


  • Economical
  • Flexible design for maximum utilization of interior space.
  • Seismic resistant.
  • Expansion/modification and relocation can be done.
  • Maintenance free, energy efficient & environment friendly
  • Faster Instalation
  • Quality control



A typical assembly of a simple metal building system is shown below to illustrate the synergy between the various building components as described below:

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings