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Primary Framing System

Secondary Framing System

Galvanized Purlins are made available in C & Z shapes in cut to length. Z galvanized purlin can be overlapped end-to-end which makes it ideal for long runs in very large roofing applications, whereas C purlins are more convenient for shorter runs such as garages and carports. We make these purlins available to the clients in different specifications, as per their precise requirements.

C Purlins are horizontal structures that are used to support the load from the roof deck or the sheathing. The plane surface of this purling on one side has made it a preferred material for cladding due to its easy installation on concrete structures or steel. Our range purlins are light in weight and perfect for simple span construction.

Z Purlins are made using cold-formed or rolled sheets for supporting roof. The flexible shape of these beams facilitates various designs solutions. These purlins are extensively used in huge roofing solutions such as godowns, workshops, industrials sheds and many more. The range is known for saving upto 50% on structural sheet in comparison with hot rolled angles. Our purlins are crisp and clean in design and do not allow the scope of inaccurate lengths.


Lakshay Buildtech Pre-engineered building can be designed to accept most types of crane systems such as EOT, Monorail, Under-hung cranes and other load carrying devices such as conveyors etc. In all general type of buildings. When a crane system is to be integrated, Lakshay Buildtech's scope is limited to brackets and crane runway beam which support the crane system, that is essentially required to design and estimate buildings with cranes.


Intermediate mezzanine floors are possible in metal buildings. Mezzanine floors can be provided in complete or partial area in and storage. Mezzaine floor consists of steel decks, supported by joists framed to the mezzanine beams. Mezzanine main beams normally runs across the width of the building and are located under the main rafters while joists run parallel to the length of the building, the top flange of the joist fit perfectly below the top flange of the mezzanine beam. The economy of the mezzaine floor is affted by the applied load and support column spacing. Multilevel equipment platforms, catwalks, staircaes etc. can be accommodated, if complete data is available.

Sheeting & Cladding

  • Hi-Rib Profile
  • Standing Seam
  • Polycarbonate Profile Sheet
  • Decking Sheet
  • Puff Roof Panel
  • Puff Wall Pael

Building Accessories

  • Self Drilling Screws
  • Wire Mesh
  • Aluminium Louvers
  • Turbo Ventilator
  • Insulation
  • Ridge Ventilator

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings