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Interior solutions enable designers to explore new aesthetic possibilities, creating revolutionary spaces transformed by light. Lakshay brightens a multitude of internal surfaces: walls, partitions and interior ceilings can become radiant sculptural elements to create a unique ambience. Use your creativity to maximize the visual potential of natural or artificial light with Lakshay Interior systems

Aluminium Doors and Windows

Aluminium Hinged Door, Aluminium Swing Door, Aluminium Hinged Doors with Wiremesh, Aluminium Hinged Shop Front Door and Partition

UPVC windows and doors

Pvc is a multi-purpose material and finds its application virtually everywhere, e.g. Shoes, Clothes (like water and wind-resistant jackets), Credit Cards, Electricity, Sewer and Water pipes, etc. Hence it is ideal for the production of Doors and Windows. Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) is a specially formulated PVC which has been made resistant against the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

False Ceiling Metal

The Metal ceiling Products has hues requirement in architectures, it used in restaurants, offices, commercial & residential area, canteens etc we deal in all types of metal ceiling lay in panels

Armstrong False Ceiling

Armstrong ceiling solutions for corporate, public and private office spaces.

Gypsum False Ceiling

The gypsum plasterboard false ceiling is a monolithic suspended system that allows customers to achieve a beautiful, homogeneous appearance and a smooth finish without visible joints. Curves, steps and other designer ceiling options can also be achieved with plasterboard.

Drywall Partition

A drywall is a highperformance lightweight interior wall system consisting of a GI steel frame, encased in gypsum plasterboards on either side attached with self-drilling drywall screws. The joints are then taped and finished with gypsum jointing compounds.

Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding

Aluminum Composite Panels sold under the brand name Alupex, is developed with the objective of supplying superior quality panels for modern day construction.

Structural Glazing

Glass Interior Works

Architecturing Frameless glass for both interior and exterior purposes to emphasis importance of glass for interior exterior, interior architecture consists glass partition, sliding partition, half partition, opaque and transparent partition. acoustic partition and movable partition.